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Becky Yackley

Savage Debbie

A lifelong passion was sparked by a 9-year-old girl’s curiosity about how her brothers’ guns worked, leading to a career in the male-dominated gun industry. ...

The Finer Things: Femininity and Guns

Let’s face it: Guys who go to the range don’t worry about their fingernails breaking or their faces developing a sun glasses tan that makes them look as if they...

Guns + Girls: Getting Her into the Hobby

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it can sometimes be a challenge to come up with a unique idea for things to do. For a lot of gun people, it’s simple: A hot date...

5 Gifts for Gun Lovers

Christmas is coming—time to buy a gift for those people in your life whose love of shiny, black guns is ranked somewhere near their love for you. Improve your r...