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Steven Ledin


Nikon’s New Black FX1000 FFP Scope

The giant “machine” of Nikon isn’t always the first to market, but when it does get there, it tends to have well-vetted, desirable, midrange products with lots ...

SIG’s Echo1 Thermal Revolution

I’m straining a bit not to call the SIG ECHO1 thermal reflex sight “revolutionary,” but there is that conversation. PRICE, STYLE, SIZE, WEIGHT AND USE The EC...

MEOPTA MeoRed: The Czech Micro Red-Dot

By now, most of us have at least heard of Meopta. It’s no secret that this company has been designing and manufacturing optical products in the Czech Republic s...

Crystal Clear: Modern Monoculars

The modern monocular is a magnifying assembly of lenses that is used with one eye only. It has the smallest footprint of any magnifying optic, and it is also th...

Steven Ledin

Steven K. Ledin is a former U.S. Navy nuclear gunner’s mate and current director of a prominent online optics retailer. He’s a CCW and NRA instructor and has been a sponsored competitive shooter and private investigator. He has hunted (and gotten lost) from Alaska to Africa.