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Land Navigation: Back to Basics

How often do you set out into the forest with nothing more than a GPS and maybe some sort of smartphone as your only means of navigational aid? Technology to...

Guns + Girls: Getting Her into the Hobby

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it can sometimes be a challenge to come up with a unique idea for things to do. For a lot of gun people, it’s simple: A hot date...

Lost! How To Find your Way

You should never let fear overtake your ability to make rational decisions. Finding your way out of the wilderness after becoming disoriented will require you t...

Train Hard: Worst Case Scenarios

Carrying a gun is like buying insurance: You have it, hoping you never have to use it. In most cases, this is true. The vast majority of the more-than-16 mil...

First Aid on the Range: Are You Prepared?

While perusing Facebook almost any day of the week, I find postings of shooters practicing at a range, competing in a match or just plinking in their own backya...