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Christmas is coming—time to buy a gift for those people in your life whose love of shiny, black guns is ranked somewhere near their love for you. Improve your ranking by getting them something from our list!

From stocking-stuffers to gear even the elves at the North Pole would be in awe of, this list offers gift ideas for your husband, wife, dad, mom, boyfriend or girlfriend (and maybe even for yourself).


1. Samson Manufacturing: AR-15 Accessories ($27–$195)

Items every gun owner needs are mounts for optics and attachment points for slings. Quality accessories are always useful, whether you use your AR for hog hunting or if it’s a .22 conversion your kids enjoy shooting,

A few things I really like come from Samson Manufacturing. The QD sling mounts the company makes are small on size but big on usefulness; for those times you want to sling a rifle, these are perfect. For optics you use on multiple rifles, Samson makes its DMR scope and red-dot mounts with quick-release locking mechanisms. I also like buying presents made in the USA (no offense to Santa’s elves at the North Pole).



We see guns set up with ambidextrous controls. So, how about a computer bag that’s ambi-capable? Maybe your workload requires you to work on your flight, but one side of your seat won’t accommodate the mouse pad.

This laptop bag has you covered. It features a mouse pad you can attach via a hook-and-loop closure to either side of the opened bag, and it has plenty of pockets to stash whatever you need—where you need it, when you need it. This will make all sorts of people happy—from computer geeks to guys in the field. And while I don’t think my laptop is in danger of being shot, I do think the option to insert a ballistic soft panel, made by Vism and also sold by Tactical Shit, is a way to turn your laptop bag into something more, if needed. I can’t help but think about stories of helicopter crews in during the Vietnam era using phone books as ballistic protection. It makes me think about how technology has changed the world in my lifetime. We can use a laptop to beam photos to loved ones deployed with an MEU on the other side of the world; and the bag that holds that computer can offer ballistic protection. It also has padded shoulder straps if you have to lug your laptop on your back to keeps your hands free.

MSRP: $100


3. 5.11: DC FLT Line ($160)
I am always on the move, so I really like the DC FLT Luggage from 5.11 Tactical. Besides being packed with cool details such as reinforced grab handles, locking zippers and hard-corner protection, these bags can even be embroidered. They meet U.S. carry-on guidelines when they aren’t expanded, and they are the quietest rolling luggage I’ve ever travelled with. I love the smooth feel of this bag when it rolls and that I’m not listening to the incessant churning of wheels as I pull it along.

In addition, this luggage features lightweight but durable construction, along with lots of room. I sometimes don’t have the opportunity or time to unpack, and leaving all my stuff in the DC FLT Line is not a problem (and my socks didn’t smell while zipped into the mesh bag inside). A foam-padded interior keeps your laptop and paperwork secure.

MSRP: $159.99


4. Magpul: D60
Bigger isn’t always better, but more is better, right? This drum mag from Magpul has earned my affection, because it does its job. A secret video I sent to Magpul engineers from my “field experiment”—with my drum mag—was part of why I bought more. these things hold up.

I’m pretty sure nobody will guess what this is once it’s wrapped up with a bow and placed under the Christmas tree (unless they’re a gun nut). And it will make any AR owner happy without breaking the bank. Check for sales, because I’ve found these for as low as $99!

MSRP: $130


5. VooDoo Tactical: 56-Inch Two Compartment Gun Case

For the guy with the long barrel that never can fit it in the bag, check out Voodoo Tactical’s long-gun bag with an adjustable internal hook-and-loop pistol/mag pouch system. Designed with 3-gun competitors in mind, this bag also has a place for your PRS rifle or your long-barrelled bolt gun (maybe even with the suppressor mounted). If you’re going hunting and want to pack 2 shotguns, plus the chokes and other gear in a single bag; or if you have a PRS gun that is too long for other bags – this is the ticket. It has plenty of pockets and velcro; and comfortable back-pack style shoulder straps in case you’re lugging a couple of rifles to the hunting cabin. It was awarded the 2017 Industry Choice Award for Premium Accessory of the year.

MSRP: $249


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the December 2017 print issue of Gun World Magazine.