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Buchanan’s new single-stage Precision Portable Press is a very well-made reloading press that serves double duty as an everyday appliance or something that is portable for use at the range or in the field.

There are two versions of the press—one that accepts standard shell holders and 7/8-inch dies and the other, which uses standard shell holders and the Hornady Lock-N-Load System. This system holds the standard dies in a collet that quickly twists and locks in and out of the press so that the dies retain their settings.

This is a light, compact powerhouse that uses two operating handles, each with two connector links that connect to the center ram. That center ram glides up and down on a pair of .375-inch, stainless steel guide rods.

It even has a neat little plastic primer catcher under the shell holder so that those expended primers don’t wander everywhere during the de-capping step.

The Hand Reloading Press operates smoothly, even when sizing/de-capping .30-06 Springfield cases, and pistol cartridge cases are just a snap. It doesn’t take a lot of struggling and grunting, and you can run through 50 rounds pretty quickly.

I tested it thoroughly with both types of cases. Not only do the 10-inch arms/handles and the compound leverage make it easy to size and de-prime, it also greatly reduces the effort needed to remove the case from the die on the backstroke, which is always the bug-a-boo in any press—especially some inexpensive bench-mounted units.


  • MAKE: Buchanan Precision Machine
  • MODEL: Hand Reloading Press
  • CONSTRUCTION: 6061 bar stock aluminum, anodized black; guide rods: O1 drill rod; connector links: 303 stainless steel
  • HEIGHT: 10 inches
  • WIDTH: 4.5 inches
  • DEPTH: 1.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: 2.95 pounds without collet

MSRP: $200 (standard); $225 (standard with case); $245 (L-N-L with case)


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the March 2018 print issue of Gun World Magazine.