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Brian Berry

Options for Less-lethal Self-Defense

“Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it's a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.” — Rorion Gracie For many, ...

Too Close for Comfort: Are you prepared?

During a recent conversation, the topic of personal defensive space came up. Invariably, the subject on this includes what many call the “21-foot rule,” or, mor...

Firearm Legal Knowledge 101

There seems to be a great amount of national debate these days about whether guns save lives or only take them. There also seems to be a great deal of misinform...

Brian Berry

Brian Berry is a retired Army Special Forces Command sergeant major. He is a former Special Forces Weapons sergeant and has multiple combat tours under his belt. Brian is the co-founder of Spartan Defensive Concepts, at which he teaches concealed carry and defensive marksmanship courses. Brian retired in 2014 and is now a consultant currently working for the Special Operations community. He resides on a horse farm with his wife and sons.