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Brian Berry

Worst-Case Scenario: Gun Retention

In last month’s article (December 2017), I talked about what I characterize as a “worst-case scenario.” In my opinion, this involves being attacked by an assail...

Train Hard: Worst Case Scenarios

Carrying a gun is like buying insurance: You have it, hoping you never have to use it. In most cases, this is true. The vast majority of the more-than-16 mil...

Banging Steel: Target Plinking

Spending quality time at the gun range is always a fun prospect. It might be rifle, pistol or shotgun, depending on what I am in the mood for and what needs to ...

What’s Your Defensive Ammo?

I try to maintain a pretty steady training regimen as far as my shooting goes. I adjust my drills and use a variety of different methods to keep in shooting sha...
Ifyouoptforalonggunforyourhome defenseweapon,theLockdownNightGuardianwillholdeitherarifleorshotgunandhasanadditionalspotforextraammo,aflashlightorotheraccessories.

Fortifying Your Castle

Last month, I talked about guns you might consider when defending your home. Maybe what I should have talked about first was how to keep your home from being in...

Brian Berry

Brian Berry is a retired Army Special Forces Command sergeant major. He is a former Special Forces Weapons sergeant and has multiple combat tours under his belt. Brian is the co-founder of Spartan Defensive Concepts, at which he teaches concealed carry and defensive marksmanship courses. Brian retired in 2014 and is now a consultant currently working for the Special Operations community. He resides on a horse farm with his wife and sons.