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Fenix Tactical Pen

MAKE: Fenix

MODEL: Halberd T5Ti Tactical Pen

SIZE: 5.45 (L) x .49 inches (D)

WEIGHT: 1.41 ounces

COLORS: Space Grey, Storm Blue, Aurora Purple

MSRP: $70

The problem with most self-defense pens is that they look like self-defense pens, making it difficult to be discreet. This fine-looking pen doesn’t have that problem; it looks sci-fi and as non-threateningly “civilian” as it gets—belying the tungsten steel hard alloy strike bezel for cracking windows, heads and anything else that gets between you and safety.

The TC4 titanium alloy body is finished in CNC machining with precision that’s rare in a pen. A textured surface helps with grip, even with wet hands. It’s a twist on/off cap-type pen that fits snugly, thanks to O-rings, with the cap on either end—in writing mode or striking/closed mode. It’s comfortable to hold in striking mode, with a blunt cap end, if you need to palm it. As a writing implement, it’s well balanced and uses a German-made Schmidt P950M pressure pen refill.


RHF Muzzle Brakes

MAKE: RHF Muzzle Brakes

MODEL: Tactical Director (Shielded)

MSRP: $170—Cerakote (Coyote Tan, as tested); $140—uncoated or black oxide

The Tactical Director is designed to reduce both recoil and muzzle blast for the shooter and those next to the shooter. The muzzle blast is sent forward instead of to the sides or rear. It has all the benefits of a suppressor—except for reducing noise—but it doesn’t require the NFA paperwork. If you live in a state in which suppressors aren’t legal, or if you don’t want to take on the fees, paperwork and legal responsibility of a suppressor, this brake and shield maximize the benefits without the extra work.

We did find one drawback: It retains the heat and doesn’t dissipate it. As a result, in cold weather, while using high-power optics, the shooter will get a mirage effect, as would be the case with a suppressor.


Browning Trail Shoes

MAKE: Browning

MODEL: Men’s Glenwood Trail Shoe


Colors: A-Tacs FB/Pavement (tested), A-Tacs AU/Mulch, Pavement/Cyprus, Bracken/Beluga

MSRP: $50

Spring is coming. Soon, it will be time to hit the hiking trails and for hunters to start scouting the woods for next fall. The Glenwood Trail Shoe is lightweight and designed for long-distance scouting/hiking over mildly rugged terrain. The woven mesh upper is designed for breathability, even in warm weather. The polyurethane toe cap, heel and mid-foot protect the areas most likely to get scuffed and worn. Traction is excellent and provides a good grip for hikers/hunters traversing rocks or whatever else the trail brings. They’re comfortable and sized right. We do wish they also came in wide sizes.


AR Rail System

MAKE: Mission First Tactical

MODEL: Tekko Polymer AR15 Carbine 7” Drop In M-LOK Rail System

SIZE: 2.37 (H) x 8.961 (L) x 2 (W) inches

WEIGHT: 4.5 ounces

MSRP: $40

This rail system is a big upgrade over government AR carbine handguards using the delta ring and handguard cap. It’s more ergonomic, has a built-in QD mount and is M-LOK compatible for the infinite numbers of accessories on the market. It’s not free-float, but there’s something to be said for a simple drop-in handguard that doesn’t require tools. It’s very snug fitting, so there’s no play—which is good; but this means it does require a little muscle to get it installed; it’s more of a “wrestle-in” than a drop-in.