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Watershed Ocoee Duffel

MAKE: Watershed

MODEL: Ocoee Duffel, Milspec SPECS: 9x16x8 inches; 900 cubic-inch capacity; 13-inch opening; weight: 1 pound, 7 ounces

MATERIALS: Ripstop nylon, polyurethane coated; RF welded seams

MSRP: $164 ($112 for non-MIL-SPEC version)

Watershed makes outstanding airtight dry bags for military and civilian use, including backpacks, gun cases, duffels, pouches, etc.

This bag has six D-ring lash-down points, two compression straps and two carrying handles. The ZipDry closure is as secure as Fort Knox and closes even tighter as more pressure is added. It can only open using the clever two-thumb strap system. To close, roll the top and secure it with a strap at each end for added compactness. Once closed, an inflate/purge valve lets you inflate it for buoyancy or purge it for SCUBA diving. We held it underwater for more than 24 hours—but that was child’s play for it.


Buck Kinetic Throwing Knives

MAKE: Buck

MODEL: Kinetic Series Throwing Knives (set of three)

METAL: 420HC stainless steel, satin finish

SPECS: OAL: 9 7/8 inches; blade: 5 inches long; thickness: 0.178 inch; weight: 6.6 ounces (each)

MSRP: $210

This sest of knives was originally created in 2005 for Chuck Buck to use for a church picnic game but was never released to the public.

This year, 750 sets are being made, each marked with matching numbers. These knives are well-balanced, making them easy to throw and accurate. Finding your distance with the correct spin to achieve that accuracy is part of the challenge that makes knife-throwing fun. The set comes with a leather belt sheath with dividers to keep the knives separate and marked with a number to match the knife set.


Titan Survival Cord

MAKE: Titan Survival

MODEL: Survivor Cord

MSRP: $28 (100 feet)

This MIL-SPEC 550 cord boasts a 620-pound tensile strength, using seven three-ply nylon strands that are pre-shrunk and resistant to mold and UV rays. What makes this cord so great is that in addition to the seven nylon strands, it has an additional three strands that might save your butt: included are a waterproof fire tinder made of
jute fiber, 25-pound monofilament fishing line and a snare wire made of 30 AWG brass alloy for snares, electrical wire, antenna or whatever else your creative mind can think of. In addition, it comes bundled with a Velcro wrap, making it easier to secure when not in use. There are over a dozen options (shown: Old Glory and Dragonscale). Outstanding product.


XTech Tactical Gun Handler & Ammo Can

MAKE: XTech Tactical

MODEL: Gun-Handler/ Ammo Can Combo

MSRP: $25 ($19 for Gun-Handler only)

The Gun-Handler is designed as a compact, ultra-portable gun rest and/or holder. The internal weight gives it enough mass to stay put, and the rubber coating keeps it from slipping. Place it on the edge of a table on its side, lean a rifle against it, and it will keep the rifle in place. Use it as a stand for displaying your firearm or to prop it up for cleaning or simple repairs. Coupled with the ammo can, it can be used as an improvised (and effective) rifle rest. It fits perfectly in the handle of the included Flambeau Ammo Can (model 6415SB) but can be set on any surface.


Real Avid Range Station

MAKE: Real Avid

MODEL: Range Station

SPECS: 12×24 inches

MSRP: $30

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor range and hesitated to set your prized firearm down at the shooting point, the Range Station was designed for you. This self-contained organizer has a rollout, grippy, padded mat so you’ll always have a clean, soft surface wherever you are. And, it will keep you organized: A removable divider lets you store accessories, such as a marker, pen, ruler, target pasties, tools, etc., so they’re always on hand. Once set up at the range, place boxes of ammo in the large compartment to keep them handy for reloading magazines. The mat repels solvents and other liquids and can be snapped in at either end for right- or left-hand use.


Rail Scales Karve-P

MAKE: Rail Scales

MODEL: Karve-P

SPECS: 0.3 ounce; 1.5 L x 0.63 W x1.12 H inches

OPTIONS: M-LOK or KeyMod; black, FDE, OD Green, Sniper Grey MSRP: $26

Made with the same quality as the original Aluminum Karve handstop, the Karve-P uses high-temp polymer (rated to 490 degrees F) to save costs—you can buy three Karve-Ps for the price of one Karve, but you won’t sacrifice quality or function. It’s reversible, working for either a push or pull method with a thumb-over-bore-style grip. Alternatively, hook it to your thumb when shooting off of a barricade. We found that its diminutive size allowed us to place it between fingers, allowing it to function as a forward stop and still be able to apply rearward pressure at the same time. It’s so small and light, you hardly notice it’s there … until you need it.


Range Tactical Gear Range Runner

MAKE: Range Tactical Gear

MODEL: RangeRunner

MSRP: $280: SC-003, 12 inches wide (as tested); $380: SC-006, 16 inches wide; $400: SC-007, 18 inches wide (optional accessories available)

Made of 1/6-inch-thick machined aluminum, this heavy-duty cart is collapsible to maximize portability. Just unfold the handle and lock it into one of three positions, unfold the cart, and slide the top into position. Two two-piece gun holders are stored on the inside. Just pull them out and lock them into the desired outside keyholes. Store ammo cans, handgun cases, range bags and any other gear you need, up to 220 pounds. It is customizable for any length of gun and for different handle positions. Twelve-inch, hard-tread wheels roll over any terrain you’re likely to find at the range. Options include two, four and six gun holders; custom wheels and fenders; shelves; and water bottle holders—perfect for 3-Gun.


Tulster Profile Holster

MAKE: Tulster

MODEL: IWB/AIWB Profile Holster—SIG P365

OPTIONS: Color upgrades: Add $5–$15 (Blood Red carbon-fiber shown)

MSRP: Profile holster: $60 (black); universal 9mm/.40 Dbl. Stack Mag Carrier—Echo Carrier: $35 (black)

Tulster is now adding a SIG P365 model to its Profile holster lineup. It’s a minimalist holster, designed for appendix carry (but it can also be carried standard IWB). It’s very concealable, is hidden by an untucked shirt and positions the carry gun in an easy-to-reach location. A full sweat shield keeps gun metal off your skin, and the edges are rounded and buffed, making it comfortable enough for extended carry. It has adjustable retention and cant (0 to 15 degrees). Optional soft belt loops are available, but we prefer the Quick Clip this holster comes with. Tulster’s Echo Mag Carrier is perfect for the P365 mag and can be swapped out RH to LH and/or IWB or OWB. The adjustable MRD (mag retention device) allows just about any double-stack 9mm/.40 mag to be used.


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the July 2018 print issue of Gun World Magazine.