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MAKE: Heavy Cover
MODEL: USGI Style Titanium Mess Kit
INCLUDES: Titanium Canteen (1 quart), Canteen Cup (23.7 ounces), Cup Lid, Tritan Canteen Cap
ACCESSORIES: Ti Canteen Cap ($12)
MSRP: $155

We’re big fans of the military-issue canteen mess kit, but Heavy Cover has taken it up about five levels with this one. It’s as tough as the stainless steel kit but about half the weight. Unlike the GI-issue plastic canteen, the Ti canteen can be put directly over fire, is nontoxic and won’t absorb taste/odor so beverages other than water can be carried. It comes with a non-toxic Tritan screw-on cap, but a stainless one is available.

The Ti cup is non-stick, easy to clean, heats faster than steel and includes a lid. It will not rust. It’s not cheap, but it’s built very well and will last several lifetimes.


MODEL: Gun Care
MSRP: $4 (1.5-ounce dropper)

We’ve been using EEZOX for a number of years, and it’s a solid product. It’s an excellent cleaner, a good lubricant, and we haven’t had any corrosion or rust on anything we’ve used it on. It’s a dry lubricant; and, if applied correctly, there’s no film at all, so it won’t collect lint or dust—making it perfect for pistols used for pocket carry.

To use: Strip the firearm and clean it using EEZOX, then wipe everything dry. Then apply a clean, light coat and let it dry completely. Assemble the gun, and it’s ready to go—no oil or residue. It leaves a nice-looking finish and makes future cleanings easier. Plus, it actually smells good.



MAKE: Buck Knives
MODEL: 110 Folding Hunter LT
MSRP: $38

Every American kid’s first knife since 1964 was a Buck 110, either handed down from his grandpa or his ol’ man.

New for 2018 is the LT, made of lightweight molded nylon. It weighs next to nothing, at 3.2 ounces. The hollow-ground, clip-point blade is made of 420HC stainless steel, tumbled finish, and comes out of the box razor sharp and ready to go. The 110 has been around so long that the 110 LT feels a little odd, because it’s so light. However, it has the same quality as its heavier brother and still opens with that satisfying twack! A nail nick is located on the left side of the blade for two-handed opening.



MAKE: Hogue
MODEL: Fixed Buttstock (AR15/ M16 with A2 buffer tube)
MSRP: $60 (OD Green, FDE, Red Lava [tested], purple, pink, aqua, Ghillie Green); $50 (black)

Fixed AR buttstocks aren’t as popular as the more-versatile collapsible stock but are still superior for providing stability. Made of reinforced polymer, this Hogue fixed buttstock is lightweight and tough. It has three QD points on each side and three slots for sling mounting. It uses overmolded rubber for a comfortable cheek rest that Hogue advertises is “beard safe.” A rubber buttpad stays in the shoulder and dampens recoil. The Fixed Buttstock is available in eight colors.




MAKE: BlackPoint Tactical
MODEL: DualPoint AIWB Holster
AVAILABLE: Dozens of gun makes/ models (SIG P365 shown)
MSRP: $95 (holster); $125 (holster plus pouch, as shown)

This is an innovative new holster design, and BlackPoint is jumping right in with a model for the new SIG Sauer P365.

Designed from the ground up for appendix carry, the side-mounted metal strut loop pushes the grip toward the body, minimizing printing. The optional Plus Pouch ($30) is attached to the holster via a flexible leather wing, so it bends with the contour of the body. It can also be carried IWB and positioned anywhere along a belt; and, by changing out hardware, it can be converted for OWB carry. This holster is fully adjustable for retention, ride height and cant.


MAKE: Center Line Systems
MODEL: The “Mother” Canteen Carrier
MSRP: $100

Much more than a canteen carrier, the MCC is designed for the maximum amount of gear in a minimum amount of space. It carries the survival essentials— water, fire, shelter and food. The main pouch can carry just about any individual-sized water vessel on the market (Heavy Cover, Yeti, Nalgene, etc.) and has a rubberized nylon interior to keep moisture inside so contents in external pockets don’t get wet from condensation. An internal slot holds a canteen cup lid or small field stove. A large center pouch houses items such as a survival shelter, cell phone, water purifier, small handgun, etc. There are also two side pouches for a knife, cell phone, flashlight, 550 cord, IFAC, etc.

Two sets of MOLLE loops are for attaching additional items or holding chem lights. The MCC can be mounted/carried using the MOLLE-compatible back side or carried using the sturdy shoulder straps. All materials, buckles and stitching are heavy duty. This carrier comprises design and manufacture at their best. Center Line Systems is a veteran-owned company whose products are made in the USA by the hands of real people.


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the June 2018 print issue of Gun World Magazine.