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MAKE: Vulture Equipment Works

MODEL: Vulture Field Cleaning Kit

INCLUDES: Liquid Freakiness (Lf) Lube & Protectant, Liquid Chimera (Lc) Cleaner & Degreaser, 1 microfiber towel, 1 GP brush, 10 cotton swabs, resealable Mylar bag. (Solid Funkiness (Sf) grease optional)

MSRP: $35 ($5 extra to include 1-ounce jar of Sf Extreme Grease)

The Field Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to keep your firearm performing at top levels while out in the field. The Lc cleaner/degreaser is odorless, with low toxicity and a non-carcinogen. Spray and let soak for about 10 minutes. We found it cleans very well. It leaves very little surface residue but still inhibits corrosion. The Lf Extreme Environment Lube & Protectant works well and induced no friction-related stoppages in our testing. It protects against wear, corrosion and rust. The Sf Extreme Grease goes on and stays on, with an operating temp of -35 to 600 degrees (F). Perfect for belt-feds, high-volume guns that get really hot and for guns you on whose surfaces you don’t want to leave a lot of extra residue. The resealable Mylar bag keeps any spills or leaks from spreading.



MAKE: Milwaukee Tool

MODEL: M18 LED Search Light

MDRP: $90

The ultimate prepper/utility light, it’s perfect as a truck light for bug-out or for the home for bug-in. It’s extremely tough—impact, water and dust resistant—and has four light modes. The floodlight puts out a whopping 1,200 lumens and will light up a room, backyard, neighborhood or the Eastern Seaboard. The spotlight reaches out 700 yards. A combo mode is both spot and flood, at 1,250 lumens, and a strobe mode is available by holding down the mode button. The head rotates 198 degrees so it can be hand carried, set up on its end or hung from the vertical hanging holes located on the underside.



MAKE: Swagger Bipods

MODEL: Treestand/Blind Model

WEIGHT: 25.8 ounces

EFFECTIVE RANGE: 9¾–41¼ inches

MSRP: $210 ($200 for field model: 6¾–29 inches)

Unlike the Marine Corps swagger sticks carried by the old breed, Swagger Bipods are for those who seek less rigidity and more flexibility—at least, in their bipods. With the legs extended, the Swagger provides stability like a traditional bipod, but the “Crazy Legs” technology allows for nearly infinite maneuverability: pan, traverse, twist, lean back, push forward, raise up or lower down. Press a button in the front, and the legs lock into place for use as a more-traditional bipod. Legs extend to slightly more than 40 inches, and with the leg spread can go as low as the rifle resting on the ground. The stowed legs are held in the chassis by bungee cord. To deploy, pull the legs forward until they clear the chassis, rotate 90 degrees, and insert into deployment slot. The Treestand model is perfect for sitting in a chair, hunting from a treestand or anything in between.



MAKE: Buck Knives

MODEL: Omni Hunter 10PT Knife

BLADE: 420HC stainless steel, Rc 58; satin finish

MSRP: $68 (Realtree Xtra Green); $48 (black)

There are better steels for edge retention than 420HC, but Buck’s proprietary heat treatment process is among the best—making this blade tough, corrosion and wear resistant, and easy to sharpen. It has a drop-point blade with a full belly. The spine is 0.14 inch thick and comes to a thick point for heavier chores, making it a great, all-around work/outdoor knife. The ergonomic handle is made of Alcryon rubber, with contours and ridges for excellent handling and a secure grip—great for things such as skinning deer. We were impressed with how heavy-duty this knife is designed, considering its compact size. It comes with a pretty nice nylon belt sheath, making this the perfect OWB carry knife for in the woods or wherever legal. Another modern-day classic from Buck. Plus, it’s still made in the good, ol’ U.S.A.



MAKE: Crimson Trace

MODEL: CWL-201 Tactical Light (KeyMod/M-Lok)

MSRP: $80

Busting out 900 lumens (peak), the CWL-201 will brighten your night. It mounts directly to your KeyMod and/or M-Lok handguard, so there’s no need for Picatinny adapters. It comes in two activation modes—tail cap tap-on/tap-off and remote pad with tap-on/tap-off or a pressure grip switch for momentary on. Three light modes include high beam, strobe and low beam. It uses a Cree XPL LED and requires two CR123 batteries for about 1.4 hours of run time on high and about 3.9 hours on low. The anodized aluminum body is impact resistant to 1 meter and waterproof to 1 meter. It’s lightweight (4.9 ounces with battery,) but it’s tough and reliable.


MAKE: Black Rifle Coffee Company

MODEL: Burr Hand Grinder

MSRP: $95

Hunting season is upon us, which means deer camp and early rise. At a time when coffee becomes even more vital, don’t sacrifice with weak camp coffee. This compact unit is small enough to take anywhere, but it’s built like a platinum outhouse. The heavy-duty housing is machined aluminum and has an integrated rubber grip that doubles as the handle holder. The conical grinder is stainless steel with precision ball bearings. Coffee grind coarseness can be adjusted to suit any brewing device and user taste. It holds about 2.5 scoops of beans. Grinding is fast and effortless, and the ground coffee is caught in the receptacle. Performance is outstanding and exceeds any hand grinder we’ve used.


MAKE: Stealth Cam

MODEL: G45NGX Infrared Scouting Camera

SPECS: 22 MP stills, 1,080P HD video; 100-foot flash; <.5 second trigger

MSRP: $190

Packed with the latest technology; retina-enhanced low-light sensitivity, Reflex Ultra-Fast trigger, matrix blur reduction, multi-zone detection, optional geo-tagging and range control. It shoots still images, video, and time-lapse photos. It’s energy efficient, with one set of batteries lasting all year. The Secure Lock feature offers password protection to prevent unauthorized camera access. The wide, 16:9 images provide an extended FOV, and image quality is excellent, with vibrant colors and sharp detail, even at night. Unlike other IR cameras, this one has no red glow to give it away. Setup is quick and easy: The LCD screen is backlit for nighttime setup and didn’t even require reading the manual. It’s built well, resistant to the elements and easy to use.


MAKE: XTech Tactical


MSRP: $29

Not a lot of innovation has gone into AK mags, because they tend to work well and are tough. But not all polymer AK mags are created equal. For a long time, the former US Palm AK30 was one of the best. XTech Tactical has partnered with Molded Devices Inc. to bring it back—and it’s even better. Named the MAG47, it’s been updated with a modified rifle metal interface for compatibility with a wider range of AKs, metal-reinforced feed lips, improved internals for strength and to reduce loaded mag rattle, and a baseplate for easy field strip. It’s extremely well-built, rigid and tough. It performed flawlessly and with perfect reliability.


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the September 2018 print issue of Gun World Magazine.