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I love guns. I’m not shy about it. I’m actually pretty proud of it. I admire the craftsmanship and the art that are part of a firearm.

I really never care about having my guns on my couch, because I practice and dry-fire, but some people do. I get it: Some people don’t want their house to look like their goal is dominating at the next world shoot. They want to keep their guns in a safe or out of plain sight and perhaps invite the neighbors in without worrying about scanning the area for firearms first.

But many gun storage options look either rustic or tactical, which is fine for many of us; however, some people want their décor to have a more refined look.

Then, I discovered the non-man cave, totally normal, practically Martha Stewart-approved end table from Tactical Walls.

“Hidden in plain sight” is one of the ways to hide something well, and this piece accomplishes that task.”

Guns, Guns Everywhere—and Not A Place To Set My Drink

This table solved two problems for me. First, we have an old farmhouse. The layout being what it is, and with my husband being a cop, I like the idea of having a firearm handy. My dilemma has been that if I’m dry-fire practicing with my competition gun, I’m not going to have a firearm with live ammo sitting out. The solution? Stow the firearm in a purpose-built, stylish Tactical Walls ( end table that doesn’t scream, “Man cave!”

Second, I need a place to set things—such as those bills I have to remember to pay or my glass of vodka as I wind down at the end of the day or try to write something for my editor. This table is a perfect height for next to the couch and serves perfectly in its role as an end table.

What makes this table really cool is the hidden compartment you can customize to fit your guns. The secret compartment drops down via an RFID chip reader to allow you access to your gun without needing a key.

There’s room for a pistol and several mags inside. The speed that the drawer slides out can be adjusted via a knob.

Easy To Assemble

The directions were clear and very simple; in fact, I had my 13- and 18-year-olds assemble it for me. It even came pre-programmed. We read the directions several times prior to installing the batteries and closing the drop-down door to make sure all was good. But this was so simple, it really wasn’t anything you couldn’t do in 15 minutes.

When you cut the foam to fit your guns, I advise you to trace your gun with a marker first and then cut the foam to fit. I skipped the tracing and went straight for the cutting … and probably could have done better. To make it easier for me to grab my pistol and mags, I cut the area around the pistol grip large enough to get my fingers around the gun, and I also cut it so a shallow “cushion” could be put back into the bottom of the cut-out area so my mags and pistol were not countersunk.

The RFID chip reader comes with two cards to allow access.

Two RFID cards come pre-programmed for easy use.

Plain-Jane Tactical

One of the great things about this table is that you can bring it into just about any room, and it will fit the décor. The finish on the one I have is satin black, but other colors are available. The design is simple—even a little “plain-Jane.” However, not looking too “trendy” adds to its versatility, and it won’t look dated down the road. This is really a nice piece of furniture, and it makes me want a Tactical Walls shelf (this company makes some pretty cool-looking shelves, too).

A simple tap with the card, and the drawer drops down. As the door drops, the slideout comes down toward you.

If I could change anything with this table, I would make a model that is narrow and rectangular in shape for people who want a small end table and not a square. Nevertheless, whether you want to hide a gun or paperwork, this table is an option that requires very little effort on your part to put it into play.

Up Your Decorating Game

Your interior designer alter ego would be proud to have this little table. It’s stylish, and the lack of any tactical details makes it look like a standard furniture store end table. You can also indulge in having your guns handy without the neighbors knowing they’re right there in your living room.

“Hidden in plain sight” is one of the ways to hide something well, and this piece accomplishes that task.

About The Author

Author Becky Yackley competes in action shooting (3 Gun, USPSA, Bianchi and IPSC) with her husband and three sons. When she isn’t shooting matches or writing, she is busy with her camera. Becky is the founder of the 2A Heritage Junior shooting camps and works in social media for several firearms industry companies.



Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the May 2018 print issue of Gun World Magazine.