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German hunting rifle manufacturer Blaser – which also introduced a line of rifle scopes last year, has announced a new addition to its growing family of optics – a red dot sight dubbed the RD-17. Designed for driven hunts, the Blaser RD-17 offers a number of features that assist in quick target acquisition at close range.

Great for driven hunt enthusiasts, quick target acquisition and an excellent sight picture are afforded by the new Blaser RD-17

Integrated with the patented Blaser mount, the RD-17 can be mounted as low as possible on a rifle, enabling target acquisition of multiple, fast-moving game in both a quick and virtually intuitive fashion. It offers ten illumination settings for varying intensities – eight for daytime and two for nighttime lighting conditions, for an improved sight picture. One of the RD-17’s unique features is the IIC – Intelligent Illumination Control, a battery-saving feature that makes the sight automatically go into a power-saving mode if the RD-17 has not detected any movement for a full 3 minutes. The RD-17 then automatically reactivates at the last intensity setting once movement is again detected. This energy-saving feature ensures a battery life of over 50,000 hours and will likely free the hunter from the frustration of missing a shot due to having to activate the sight manually.

The sleek, low-profile design of the Blaser RD-17 offers excellent target acquisition and unimpeded sight picture (

The dot’s size is 2 MOA, and the sight features a 1x magnification. Elevation and windage knobs are at the top and right side of the sight respectively; these settings are adjustable by 0.5 MOA for every click. The battery compartment is on the right, in front of the elevation adjustment knob, and both the eyepiece and lens have detachable, repositionable flip covers for unobstructed sighting. Two buttons marked “+” and “-“ adjust the red dot’s intensity and also functions as the on/off button.

Slated for release in the North American market in August 2018, the Blaser RD-17 is expected to have a retail price of 780 Euros ($965).