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When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade is the old adage, but one firearms brand, Palmetto State Armory, made internet gold and possibly real profits from the erroneous complaint of one customer. The complaint stemmed from a forum thread created by an irate customer, who accused Palmetto State Armory of being “dishonest” for immediately charging his credit card for his purchase, but saying his delivery would be delayed. After backtracking, the customer realized the delay in shipping and immediate charge on his card was something PSA advised of all their online customers. The customer realized his mistake, but not before stirring up a hornet’s nest of accusations flung back-and-forth between him and other commenters. Said customer called anyone who leveled accusations on him as “poop-flinging Gremlins”, and Palmetto State Armory took notice.

From this poop-related comment, PSA took advantage and made an AR-15 lower to bring a toothy smile to the face of gun enthusiasts as wide as a Gremlin’s. As a cheeky homage to the comment, PSA brilliantly made the “PFG-15” (Poop-Flinging Gremlin-15) lower receiver.

A close-up shot of the PFG lower shows the humorous settings

This AR-15 affectionately called the “Poop-Flinging Gremlin Lower” has an elaborate engraved image of main villain “Spike” from the famed “Gremlins” movie from the 1980s. Spike’s engraving is of him with poop in hand, and the settings on the Selector Switch are quite a sight; shooters can choose between “Fling Poop” (fire) and “No Poop” (safe).

A close-up shot of the PFG lower shows the humorous settings (

This lower receiver comes in a black hardcoat anodized finish, made from 7075-T6 aluminum and is marked as multi-caliber. The website states that “These limited-edition lowers are made using the most advanced aerospace manufacturing technology to produce the industries finest, forged Mil-Spec lowers. Our receivers are machined on a multimillion dollar, automated, manufacturing system which enables us to produce a product of unequalled quality and value. These forged lowers are quality made using material is 7075-T6 and are marked “PFG-15 MULTI” to accommodate most builds.”

As of this writing, the PFG-15 lower is sold out, and it’s unknown whether Palmetto State Armory will have another production run of this limited-edition lower receiver.

So what do you AR-15 enthusiasts think? Will you consider this lower as part of your next build, or do you think this is a “waste” of money?