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Exciting news for AK-pattern rifle fans: Century Arms, reputed importer of Eastern-bloc rifles, has brought small numbers of their WASR-10 UF models into the market. Based off the Romanian Model 63 and Model 65 AKs, these rifles are very similar to their former communist-bloc cousins, but don’t have the characteristic front vertical grip. The main attraction of these rifles is their ability to fold their stocks into a significantly compact package of only 25.5 inches in overall length. That’s more than compact enough to stow in a car trunk, and good enough to stuff into a backpack or keep as a truck gun.

The WASR-10 Underfolder model. As can be plainly seen, folding the stock makes for a compact yet powerful package (

What’s interesting to note about this model is that it mostly came into being after numerous requests and feedback on Atlantic Firearms’ social media accounts. Representatives of Atlantic Firearms shared in this video how they were “… able to work directly with Century Arms and get an exclusive on this… it took a long period of time to get the Romanians to build it for us, but given your requests and input and feedback on social media, we were able to get this model… it is a Romanian factory-built cousin to the fixed-stock WASR in the underfolder configuration.” The video shows two versions of the WASR-10 UF, one right out of the factory, and another with accessories. One of the presenters holds up his model accessorized with a Polish WBP railed handguard with a flashlight mounted, a KGB MG47 skeletonized grip and a JMAC 14×1 muzzle brake. According to Century Arms Director of Sales Jason Karvois, “We are constantly receiving requests for additional configurations and the underfolder allows us to provide a fun, compact option for AK and WASR enthusiasts.”

The WASR-10 UF is exclusively distributed by Atlantic Firearms, and retails for $739. These rifles come standard with a forged barrel trunnion, and a threaded 14×1 LH barrel that ends with a slanted brake compensator. The rifle weighs in at 7.15 pounds, and ships with a 1,000-meter sights and a 30-round magazine.