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Hold on to your hats, .22LR enthusiasts: what could be the world’s smallest suppressor will be hitting stores soon. GSL Technology, a company headed by former Gemtech President and product designer Greg Latka will be releasing a new can dubbed the “Pill Box”. It was named so because essentially that’s how big the suppressor is, and it was in fact designed by Latka himself for Gemtech, at the request of a clandestine military group. Due to the hush-hush nature (pun not intended) of the organization that commissioned the Pill Box and its application, it was never released for sale to the public… until its up-and-coming release.

While the Pill Box has yet to be mass-produced for public sale, one working sample is on display at the conference room of GSL technology’s head office. Note the markings are Gemtech, since GSL Tech President Greg Latka designed it during his stint at Gemtech, but the patent is owned by GSL (

The other markings on the Pill Box are a lasered “medicine” logo, since it is in fact a .22LR suppressor designed to be disguised as a pill box (

The Pill Box in its current state is astonishingly simple and effective for muffling .22LR pistols, even a Ruger American Rimfire with a 16-inch barrel. Instead of baffles, the Pill Box uses a single wipe, which can be replaced after it’s worn out. You can see a demo of how well it cuts down the noise of a Ruger American Rimfire here. On the video, you can hear how much of a difference the Pill Box makes on the discharge report of the bolt gun; ironically, when used on a .22 Beretta Bobcat, the sound doesn’t seem to be reduced as much. The reviewer explains that the noise mostly comes out of the breech.

The Pill Box has a key ring with detachable lid so it works also as a real pill box. Note its compactness when placed alongside the Beretta Bobcat (

The Pill Box uses a single wipe and has a ½ x28 thread (

Pictured is the Pill Box’s exit hole. According to GSL Tech President Greg Latka, he knows of one customer who attached his Pill Box on a .22LR rifle, and is still using it after putting 500 rounds through it (

Size comparison of the Pill Box with other “compact” Gemtech suppressors like the Aurora, and a couple of pen guns. With this and other images above, it’s safe to say the Pill Box will be the smallest can on the market once it’s released (

While we have yet to know an exact released date, the Pill Box is expected to have an MSRP of $285. At that price, combined with amazing portability and easy replacement of a single wipe after you’ve put it through its paces, the Pill Box looks like a really promising purchase for .22LR shooters.