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Just when you thought they couldn’t make laser sights any smaller or more compact, Crimson Trace comes along and up-ends that myth. Crimson Trace is an American laser sight manufacturer that was bought by American Outdoor Brands Corporation – i.e. Smith & Wesson — in August 2016. The product we’re pertaining to (albeit still in working prototype form) is the Crimson Trace Lasersaddle LS-250. It appears that this prototype is made exclusively for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave, yet another AOW that’s quite similar to Remington’s new V3 TAC-13, which we featured a few days ago on this page.

Laser sight specialist manufacturer Crimson Trace exposes its LaserSaddle LS-250, designed for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. Notice the little green laser sight on the unit (

While the Lasersaddle LS-250’s exact measurements have yet to be revealed, it can be seen on the picture above how compact it is; it’s practically flush on top and doesn’t add any obtrusive bulge on the receiver. The Mossberg 590 Shockwave itself is very much a pared-down weapon, and the Lasersaddle does very little to add weight or alter the Shockwave’s svelte profile.

This angle shows more of the three activation pads on the Lasersaddle

Closer shot of the unit, with parts labeled. Operation of the Lasersaddle is simple and almost effortless as the activation pads are located close to your trigger finger or thumb (

The Lasersaddle LS-250 also doesn’t obstruct or interfere with any aftermarket rails, so attaching a laser sight doesn’t become a choice between an optic or a laser sight; you can enjoy both attachments without one compromising the other. Operation is quick, simple and intuitive. The three activation pads are set close to your shooting hand’s thumb and your trigger finger, so turning it on and getting on-target takes a split-second. Two screws manage the adjustments for elevation and windage, and there’s a master switch to help you save on battery power. Speaking of batteries, the Lasersaddle LS-250’s batteries are in an external compartment for easier installation and replacement, doing away with the need to dismount the unit to change the batteries, and cause you to lose your zero. While the Lasersaddle LS-250 is designed for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave, it also fits other 12-gauge shotguns with similar proportions such as the Mossberg 500 and 590. Once released, the Lasersaddle will be available in green or red lasers, the former being more visible in daylight conditions.

The Lasersaddle LS-250 can be mounted on the Mossberg 500. Notice how the Lasersaddle doesn’t interfere with the aftermarket top rail (

As of this writing, there’s no word as to when the Lasersaddle LS-250 will hit stores, but prices have been revealed. The red-lasered model will retail for $169, while the green one will go for $219. Relevant features and specs of the Lasersaddle LS-250 are as follows:

  • Instant Activation: Tap-On, Tap-Off
  • Multiple Ambidextrous Activation Points
  • Master On/Off Switch
  • User-adjustable Windage and Elevation
  • Battery Life / Type: Red Laser: CR2032 Lithium Battery (2) – 4 hours; Green Laser: CR2016 Lithium Battery (4) – 2 hours
  • Fits 12-gauge Mossberg 590 Shockwave, 500, and 590 shotgun receivers
  • Compatible with most aftermarket accessory rails
  • MSRP: Red Laser – $169; Green Laser – $219

With such a compact and easy-to-use laser sight that does away with the bulkiness of other conventional laser sights for shotguns, it’s a safe bet that owners of Mossberg Shockwaves, 500s and 590s will be anticipating the arrival of Crimson Trace’s Lasersaddle LS-250.