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Since it was first introduced in 1938, Daisy’s Red Ryder BB gun figured in the childhoods of several generations of Americans. Today, Daisy Outdoor Products introduced a special item that’s seen to cash in on a lot of nostalgia: The Model 1938ARR or “Adult Red Ryder”, which is a limited-edition, scaled-up Red Ryder BB gun for adults. This classic backyard plinker of our youth can actually be had in two different kits: one includes a scaled-up Red Ryder, along with a pair of safety glasses (something that didn’t come with the original), 350 BBs and a Rocket Shot Target Launcher.

The scaled-up Red Ryder can be had with safety glasses, 350 BBs and a special Rocket Shot Target Launcher (



The second kit is probably going to be a big seller come the holidays; aimed (pun not intended) at parents and their kids. This kit comes with everything in the first kit, but with the added bonus of another original, regular kid-sized Red Ryder BB Gun and an additional pair of safety glasses. The first kit with only the adult-sized Red Ryder will set you back $69, whilst the second, two-rifle set costs $99. Daisy stresses that the adult guns are a limited-edition run.

The second kit has all the first kit has to offer, with the addition of an extra pair of safety glasses, and of course, the classic Red Ryder BB gun for your kid (

Screenshot of Daisy’s website showing the scaled-up Red Ryder’s specs (


Apparently, Daisy’s release of these two special-edition, limited-run kits proved to be a stroke of marketing genius. Ever since their first release last September 28, both kits have all been bought up by eager kids and kids-at-heart. It is unknown as of this writing if   plans to produce any more of these kits in time for Christmas.