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At the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2018 expo in Kielce, Poland, FB Lucznik Radom revealed its latest offering, the bullpup version of their MSBS-5.56 rifle. The MSBS (Modulowy System Broni Strzeleckiej kalibru 5.56 in Polish and Modular Firearm System 5.56mm caliber in English), simply designated as “Grot”, has been adopted by the Polish armed forces as its main battle rifle; at first, a line of bullpup versions of this rifle was planned. At the time of the introduction of the MSBS, the bullpup line was placed in the backburner. With this latest development, it seems that the MSBS bullpup has finally been green-lighted and will likely go into production soon.

Pictured are the original MSBS rifle (bottom) and the original prototype bullpup (top).

Perhaps the delay in the production of the bullpup MSBS could be considered a stroke of luck; by comparing the original prototype with the “newer” prototype for the bullpup MSBS, we can see a few more design improvements for improved functionality, modularity and comfort for the shooter. The improved prototype (bottom) can be seen pictured below along with the older prototype (top).

As can be seen above, the newer prototype MSBS bullpup below has subtle but significant changes to its design. Some of these improvements have made the gun have a lighter overall weight

Thanks to the design improvements, the new prototype sports a much crisper, cleaner look. Updates to the design of the MSBS bullpup are listed as follows:

  • Modular handguard has been changed to a more modern M-LOK monolithic type. Mounting to the upper receiver has been modified.
  • Handguard now allows fixing of a bayonet to the top of the muzzle.
  • Top Pic rail has been extended.
  • Pistol grip was moved forward by 1 inch. Shape and profile of the lower receiver was modified, especially in the area of the pistol grip and trigger guard; trigger guard size was increased slightly.
  • Buttstock pad was made more modular, with a sling loop incorporated into the buttstock.
  • Magazine release button was installed into the rear of the mag well. Pressure needed to release the mag has now been made consistent throughout the mag release pad, and a secondary mag release lever was added on the mag well’s left side.
  • The flared mag well has been extended.
  • The trigger now has more in common with the standard MSBS rifle; only two parts need to be replaced to change the trigger. Trigger operates more smoothly now.
  • The bolt release mechanism lever has been redesigned for easier ambidextrous operation.
  • The midpoint QD sling attachment point was moved from the magwell area to the front of the rifle; there are now two QD attachment points on the handguard.
  • Overall weight has been decreased, from 8.9 lbs to 7.94 lbs.

Other variants of the MSBS bullpup include a PDW with a shorter barrel, and a rifle with a 40mm UBGL (UnderBarrel Grenade Launcher) attached. No word as to the exact date this line of bullpups will go into full production.