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Honor Defense LLC, a 100% American-owned and operated gun manufacturer issued a press release last Monday, July 30th about how their Honor Guard Sub-Compact pistol was approved by Gwinnett County’s Sheriff’s Department to be their officers’ individual carry for backup and as an off-duty pistol. Gary Ramsey, President of Honor Defense had this to say of this development:

“We are honored and privileged to be approved by Gwinnett County for individual Officers to purchase. Gwinnett County joins a growing list of law enforcement departments that have approved Honor Defense. The approved weapons are the same models available to consumers as well. Honor Defense was designed with law enforcement input and has superior ergonomic features. Most importantly, Honor Defense was tested by Gun Tests Magazine and confirmed to be more accurate than the top single-stack 9mm brands.”

The statements made by Mr. Ramsey are unclear as to what this actually means. There is no mention of any contract or of any allotment of state funds for purchasing, so this could simply be that Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department only recommends the Honor Defense pistol as a viable backup and off-duty weapon for their officers. This bit of news may seem run-of-the-mill, but consider the fact that Gwinnett County is in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a place that’s only 35 miles away from one of America’s and the world’s largest and most reputable arms manufacturer for law enforcement – Glock. The Honor Guard pistol does deserve consideration, since Honor Defense LLC is composed mainly of US military and law enforcement veterans, and even counts founding member of “A Girl and A Gun” Women’s Shooting League, Julianna Crowder as one of their “Product Advisors.” The site also proudly boasts that they “use only USA materials parts and companies… are 100% manufactured in the USA and dedicated to keeping it that way” and that they “will not purchase parts from foreign firms with USA operations that then outsource overseas.”

An Honor Defense Honor Guard pistol in Battleship Gray. This is compact, single-stack 9mm Is 100% American-made (

What some enthusiasts may find interesting, even cheeky, are the interesting names of colors which include Purple Reign, Acid Green, Electric & Enigma Blue, Turquoise and Mahogany. These offerings are a breath of fresh air, considering they also produced pistols in the usual olive drab, flat dark earth and black. These three colors, along with Battleship Gray comprise their range of pistols to Law Enforcement agencies. The Honor Guard is actually considered a modular pistol, with the chassis bearing the serial numbers; this allows the user to change out the frames. As amusing as the colors may seem, the Honor Guard Sub-compact is a serious weapon which garnered a significant number of reviews from publications like CNN Money, NRA Shooting Illustrated, American Survival Guide, and famed Youtube channels such as Hickok .45 and GunsAmerica.

Apart from it being a single-stack 9mm, features of the Honor Guard Sub-compact include:

  • No trigger pull or tool needed for disassembly
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Slide Catch
  • Ambidextrous Manual Thumb Safety is optional
  • Stainless Striker Block for safety
  • Stainless Steel Chassis system
  • Custom grip with texture for better control
  • Easy to rack
  • Custom serrations for easier racking
  • Snag-free sights for quick draw of the pistol
  • Short crisp trigger for more accurate shooting
  • Two (2) magazines (7 round and an 8 round)
  • Two (2) sizes of backstraps for custom fit

With an MSRP of $499 and coming with a 2-year warranty, can this be a real contender for sub-compact pistols like the Glock 26, Ruger LCP or Springfield XD? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!