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Harrisburg, Pa — Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) has recently announced when the Tavor 7, Tavor TS12 shotgun and Masada pistol will reach America’s shores. Though not as concrete as specific dates as yet, these are the estimates for when each SKU will arrive:

TAVOR7 – Expected to ship mid-July, with larger shipments coming in within 60-90 days from first release. Initial shipments will be limited to the T716B (Black), with the Flat Dark Earth (T716FDE) and Olive-Drab Green (T716ODG) set to arrive in 2019

TAVOR TS12 Shotgun – Shipping will begin mid-fourth quarter of this year. As with the Tavor 7, initial offering will be that of the Black variant, with the FDE and ODG-colored versions arriving in 2019

MASADA Pistol – Shipping to US retailers will start in January 2019

This month the 7.62mm NATO TAVOR7 in Black color will arrive any day now, while the Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab Green versions should be available in 2019


The TAVOR TS12 Shotgun is expected to begin shipping possibly in the middle of Q4 this year.
As with the TAVOR7, the first available units will be in Black, with the FDE and ODG versions shipping in Jan. 2019


Casey Flack, CEO of IWI USA had this to say after revealing shipping times to the public:

The recent announcement of the Tavor 7, Tavor TS12 shotgun and Masada pistol were met with enthusiasm and anticipation from the ever-growing base of IWI faithful customers. Due to the overwhelming and continued excitement for the new products, we felt it important to provide an updated and realistic timeframe as to when you can expect these products to be available at your local retailers. As always, our customers, both industry partners and end users, are our primary concern, and we appreciate the continued patience and support we have received as we bring these new products to market.”

Shipping in Jan. 2019, IWI’s Masada pistol is a striker-fired polymer pistol with distinct features like integrated Tritium night sights, large trigger guard for gloved hands, built-in trigger safety, front and rear slide cocking serrations, 3 interchangeable backstraps and more (

At present, IWI USA’s products such as the Jericho 941 pistol, the legendary UZI Pro pistol, the TAVOR SAR and its replacement, the TAVOR X95, as well as the Galil ACE pistol and carbine variants are huge crowd-drawers every time events like SHOT Show comes along, and these all remain big hits with many gun enthusiasts in America. With the TAVOR7 T716B coming out in stores any day now, are you guys excited?