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5 November 2018 — Kimber America, manufacturer of quality custom 1911 pistols, revolvers and rifles, is adding another line of products to their portfolio – a series of striker-fired, subcompact pistols for concealed carry.

Labeled the EVO SP, this new line of subcompact pistols are the first striker-fired pistols to be made by Kimber and is chambered in 9mm. Kimber will release four different models, each having a metal slide and frame, tritium night sights and “G-10 Stiplex-inspired” grips and backstrap. There is no manual safety, but a Glock-like safety is visible on the trigger.  The magazine and slide release controls appear to be for right-handed shooters only. And while there’s no mention of the ammo capacity, but judging by the images, it’s a safe bet that the Kimber EVO SP pistols use a single-stack magazine, with a likely capacity of 6+1 rounds. Apart from the entry about the new EVO SP on their blog, Kimber has provided a PDF file for viewing online. In the PDF file, Kimber highlights the EVO SP’s main features; in addition to being a subcompact striker-fired pistol, the Kimber EVO SP boasts of a “crisp, 6-7lb trigger with leaf safety, Durable yet light-weight, All-Metal Construction.” The document provides us with more details:

DESIGNED TO BE THE ultimate choice in concealed carry pistols, EVO SP was tailored by Kimber engineers to be the best shooting and most well-equipped compact metal framed pistol on the market. Not only was EVO SP machined to the tightest allowable tolerances it was also put through multiple iterations of hands-on human factors testing to ensure the best possible user experience before finalizing the design. Standout features include an innovative grip system that eliminates hardware on the grip surface, a magazine release that can be configured for right or left-handed shooters, a striker indicator that allows for both a visual and physical confirmation the striker is cocked, disassembly with no trigger press, ledged tritium night sights for single-hand manipulations and a sight picture no matter the light conditions, and a 6-7lb trigger with crisp reset. EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters that demand a feature-packed, compact size striker-fired firearm matched with all-metal construction. 

Here are photos of the four Kimber EVO SP models:

The EVO SP CS (Custom Shop)

The EVO SP CDP (Custom Defense Package)

The EVO SP TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement)

The EVO SP TT (Two-Tone)

As stated on the info sheet, the MSRP for each model is as follows:

EVO SP (CS): $1047

EVO SP (CDP): $949

EVO SP (TLE): $925

EVO SP (TT): $856

Kimber makes no mention of the exact release date of the EVO SP line of pistols, but they’re already accepting dealer orders as of November 5th. When the Kimber EVO SP hits stores, will you be purchasing one of these models for your EDC or backup if you’re a LEO? Let us know in the comments!