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It seems that modern tactical accessories manufacturer FAB Defense of Israel has outdone itself by introducing another new drop-in pistol-carbine conversion kit, the KPOS Scout. FAB Defense first made a big splash when it introduced its first KPOS some time in 2014, and there was a KPOS kit for a wide range of pistols, including the Jericho 941, the Glock 17, 19 and 21, the FN 5-7, the SIG P226 and P222, the CZ Duty pistol, Beretta PX4 and the Springfield XD. Fast-forward to 2018, and FAB defense has just rolled out the KPOS Scout, although only for the Glock pistols as of this writing.

FAB Defense’s just-released KPOS Scout PDW/SBR kit for Glocks

Size comparison between the KPOS Scout and CAA Micro-Roni (

The KPOS Scout has an aluminum upper, and that includes the monolithic top rail. Rails are also on the sides and lower, which is made of polymer. The front and rear backup sights are likewise built from polymer (

What’s new with the KPOS Scout is that it’s visibly and significantly smaller than the original and Gen 2 versions of the KPOS, and it’s even slightly smaller than the CAA Micro Roni. Its build consists of a mix of 6061 T6 aluminum for the upper (including the full-length 1913 MIL-STD pic rail) and polymer for the lower.

The KPOS Scout can be purchased in two variants: KPOS Scout and KPOS Scout Advanced. Both types have the FGG-KPOS Folding foregrip and trigger cover, SLS QD sling swivel and bungee one-point tactical sling. A KPOS carry bag and front and rear polymer backup sights are the only accessories the KPOS Scout Advanced has over the basic KPOS Scout package.

Purchasing the KPOS Scout Advanced gets you the polymer backup sights
and carry bag. The bag is nothing spectacular, so buyers may consider the KPOS Scout
package, then purchase the sights and a better-looking bag separately

Like its predecessor, the KPOS Scout comes with an AR-style ambidextrous charging handle

As per the entry on the FAB Defense website, the KPOS Scout “incorporates a hybrid construction, combining a rigid aluminum upper with a lightweight polymer lower, for a compact yet extremely durable and accurate handgun conversion kit… the aluminum upper also allows the Scout to be safely used with ported Glock models (G17C, G19C)… (and) incorporates a new ‘one button’ assembly design.”

No additional accessories or alterations to your Glock are necessary to install it into the KPOS Scout, unlike, say, the CAA Micro Roni, which at least one reviewer laments that “the Micro Roni requires a separate piece to act as the charging handle. If you lose this, the Micro Roni becomes useless.” For now, the KPOS Scout can be used on Glock models only, such as the Glocks 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32 including the “C” models, from Gen 3 – 5.  It’s possible that other KPOS Scouts for other pistols will be available in the future, but this has yet to be confirmed. Note that if you intend to convert your pistol into a PDW with the KPOS Scout, you must obtain the requisite tax stamp for your Glock.