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Gone are the days when you used to bust your thumbs loading your AR-15 mags with 5.56 rounds… one. By. One. Thanks to innovative companies like Six Axis Development, those who frequent the range with their AR-15 rifles can load, shoot and reload their mags to their heart’s content, without fumbling with individual cartridges and busting thumbs. Like its rivals, the Mag Feeder is designed to help you arrange your mess of loose 5.56 cartridges onto a feeding ramp, then in one swift motion, smoothly insert all 30 rounds (max) into your AR-15 magazine of choice. No mess, no fuss, and no sore or cut thumbs at the end of a full day of shooting.

The seemingly simple innovation that is the AR-15 magazine loader makes the arduous task of loading and reloading a quick and pain-free exercise. The new Mag Feeder does it just as well as other mag loaders, but with a new twist (

“But there’s a whole lot of speed magazine loaders that work that way, what’s so special about the Mag Feeder?” is what you might say; well, the Mag Feeder is unique in that it folds to a more compact package, which is a tad longer than a single STANAG magazine and no thicker than two STANAG magazines if you taped them together. This tidy new feature may seem like no big deal, but recall how difficult it is to stuff your bulky magazine loader after a full day of shooting. That’s where the Mag Feeder shines.

The Mag Feeder is different from other speed mag loaders in that it folds in half, making it much easier to store and carry in your Range Bag (

The Mag Feeder is an AR-15 magazine loader that can load individual 5.56 rounds and loads any sort of AR-15 mag available, and has markings to indicate loading of 5, 10, 20 and 30 rounds so you can tell how many rounds are going into your magazine at a glance. The Mag Feeder loads as quickly and in the most simplified way possible, with the added bonus of being able to fold and stay locked in its folded position with the help of a few magnets.

When folded, the Mag Feeder is a bit thicker than two STANAGs; and when folded it stays folded thanks to some magnets (

As of this writing, the Mag Feeder is available in models that feed 5.56/.223 and .300 Blackout cartridges, but other models for other calibers will be made available in the near future. Representatives of Six Axis assure us that the Mag Feeder is compatible with virtually all AR-15 mags, regardless of brand, style or make. Made with injection-molded, high-impact polymer and 100% made in America, the Mag feeder promises to provide AR-15 enthusiasts with many a range day unhampered by the tedious task of reloading. The Mag Feeder retails for $59.99, though you can get it for $49.99 from their website for a limited time.