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Proof Mark LLC, a US company that specializes in “offering unique accessories that enhance the performance of your firearm” recently introduced their latest product: the Proof Mark Muzzle Stand-Off Device (MSD) designed for the Glock 19 pistol. Some people may question the need for such a device, but this can be very useful for military, law enforcement, and those who believe they may find themselves in self-defense situations where their Glock 19 pistol may be rendered incapable of firing due to it being prevented to go into battery.

As this instructor demonstrates, the Glock 19 won’t function if the barrel is placed directly in contact with an obstruction such as a door or assailant. Without a Stand-Off Device, the likely “remedy” to this is place your shooting hand’s thumb forcefully and directly against the rear of the slide to engage the trigger. The gun will fire, but at the cost of causing a serious malfunction; manual racking of the slide will then be needed to eject the spent cartridge and load the next round. Using the Glock 19 in this manner to defend yourself is difficult and risky, hence the product.

The Proof Mark MSD allows Glock 19 users to still fire the weapon if they find themselves in difficult close-quarters and even point-blank defense situations

The Proof Mark Muzzle Stand-Off Device is simply an L-shaped frame-mounted barrier that’s placed right in front of the Glock 19’s muzzle to keep the slide from being pushed out of battery, should you need to press the pistol directly against an object, and still be able to fire.

The Proof Mark MSD is a simple L-shaped device that has its own Pic rails and a checkered front surface for striking. Note also the steel glass breaker (

Made of aluminum with an anodized finish, the MSD mounts on the underside rail of the pistol, and also has its own Picatinny rail to still allow the shooter to mount lights or lasers. Installing the MSD requires no tools, and its appearance blends with the finish of the Glock 19, for a seamless, uninterrupted look. The front of the device has a checkered pattern that provides a striking surface, and it also has a glass breaker that’s made of 17-4 PH steel.

Alternatve view of the MSD. Attaching it to a Glock 19 requires no tools (

John Kennedy, Proof Mark LLC’s president, had this to say of their product:

“We started the project in October of 2015 and our first production run is a matter of weeks from hitting the shelves.  The MSD has been through a year of testing within the Army CTU at Ft. Bragg with positive feedback.”

It should be noted that this product should be used sparingly, since designers have found that it could result in a cracked frame. Accoring to John:

We also found the Glock frames begin to crack when gas is captured by the stand-off device.  With the Compensated device being purposed built to mitigate recoil it would appear to only magnify this weakness.”

As of this writing, the Proof Mark Muzzle Stand-Off Device is available only for the Glock 19, and retails for $120. Proof Mark will look into producing similar devices for other pistols as well.