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In celebration of its 10th-year anniversary just last September 25, SilencerCo recently introduced its newest product, which it proudly touts as the “quietest .22 suppressor to hit the market.” Called the Switchback, it’s a modular suppressor that can be configured in different lengths, for a variety of pistols and rifles. Comprised of a number of stainless-steel baffles, the Switchback has the ability to be shortened to a minimum of 2.5 inches, or used at its maximum length of 5.75 inches. Even at its shortest, the Switchback can reduce the discharge report of a .22 rifle with a 16-inch barrel to tolerable levels without the shooter resorting to earplugs. In fact, the company even goes so far as to claim in this document that the Switchback can reduce a .22 rifle’s discharge report to a relatively low average of 108 Decibels, under certain conditions.

SilencerCo’s Switchback modular suppressor can be configured to three different lengths, for a considerably wide range of rifles and pistols (


SilencerCo Engineer Jake Turnblom, explains that the design of the baffles were inspired by rocket exhaust diffusers, with some slight differences. He goes on to say: “Gas flow can be sped up or slowed down by tapering a bore wider or tighter. Cones act as a nozzle or a diffuser gases in propulsion. The effect a cone has completely flips when transitioning to or from supersonic or subsonic velocities. Using cones (by flipping them) as supersonic diffusers is what led to the discovery of improved suppression on rifles.”

The Switchback looks great and works like a charm on what else but the Ruger 10/22, probably the most popular .22 rifle (

While SilencerCo advertises that the Switchback works best on .22 rifles, that’s only half the story. It’s actually optimized for suppressing fully-automatic .22 LR rifles but can also be used on rifles chambered in .17 WSM, .17 HMR, .22 WMR, .22 HORNET and 5.7x28mm.

The SilencerCo Switchback also works splendidly on .22 pistols, like this Walther P22 (

The SilencerCo Switchback is only 6.5 ounces at its longest configuration (

Consisting of a titanium tube with black nitride end caps and coupler, the Switchback weighs a maximum of 6.5 ounces when used with all its baffles. Its MSRP is $499 and is now available.