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Springfield Armory recently announced their new offering, the Springfield XD(M) Optical Sight Pistol, which is basically a Springfield XD(Match) that comes with suppressor-height iron sights that co-witness with red dot sights, two barrels and a factory milled slide. The included barrels are a 5.3-inch 5x28TPI threaded barrel with a thread protector and a standard 4.5-inch barrel. The standard barrel was thrown in for those who want to bring along their XD(M) when they visit states where threaded barrels aren’t allowed, apart from of course having the option to go with or without a suppressor. But actually, the main reason why Springfield decided to offer this sort of package with the new XD(M) Optical, is to unburden the user with the trouble of scouring aftermarket suppliers and ending up with suppressors that don’t quite fit the pistol.

According to Springfield Armory representative Steve Kramer, “You have the versatility of both the threaded and non-threaded barrel without the hassle of going aftermarket which tends to produce complications in fit. Because our barrels are factory crafted, there is no risk of an ill-fitting barrel and we are able to provide the kit at a lower cost to our customers.”

Springfield now offers the XD(Match) OSP, and it comes with mounting plates for several different red dots, a threaded and non-threaded barrel, factory-milled slide and heightened irons that will co-witness with your RDS (


Apart from the two barrels and a couple of 19-round mags, the 9mm XD(M) Optical Sight Pistol or OSP, comes with a factory-milled slide and mounting plates for red dot sights such as the Vortex Venom, Burris FastFire 2 and 3, Leupold DeltaPoint and DeltaPoint Pro, JPoint Sights and Trijicon RMR. The MSRP of the XD(M) OSP is at $710, or $958 with a Vortex Venom included. A match-grade pistol that’s ready to accommodate a suppressor and a red dot sight, or one with a red dot sight, with a 19+1 ammo capacity? Sounds like a win from Springfield Armory. You can see a short video from Springfield about the XD(M) OSP here.

The Springfield XD(M) OSP can also be had with a Vortex Venom red dot sight included, for a couple hundred dollars more (