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A few days ago we reported Springfield’s release of their new Springfield XD(M) OSP, or XD (Match) Optical Sight Pistol. Not long after, it seems Springfield has decided to expand its growing family of XD pistols with a new model, one chambered in 10mm, and it was introduced in October 10 (10-10!). Branded as the XDm-10, shooters who prefer the underrated (but not underpowered) 10mm round should be jumping for joy. Those who have been clamoring for and waiting patiently(?) for a Springfield XD in this caliber will also be glad to know that the new XDm-10 is already available in not one, but two models, one with a standard 5.25-inch barrel, and one with a more compact 4.5-inch barrel. Both models have an ammo capacity of 15+1 rounds, providing shooters with plenty of 10mm stopping power.

10mm fans rejoice! There’s a new Springfield XD pistol in town, and it’s the XDm-10 (5.25-inch barrel model pictured) (


An intriguing aspect about the new XDm-10 is the boldness in which Springfield promotes it on their website: they flag the claim of “10,000 rounds. Zero failures” and apparently have a video to prove it. In the video, presenter Clay Martin claims to have subjected the pistol to a torture test. Said torture test entailed shooting 10,000 rounds of 10mm Federal Hydra-Shok from Federal Premium over a three-day period. Tester-presenter Clay Martin says that they stopped to clean and re-lubricate the pistol after every 1,000 rounds fired, while at every 2,000 rounds, the recoil spring was replaced. The video of the torture test clocks in at about 2 hours and 46 minutes, so at least we know the video couldn’t have just been edited and spliced to make a flimsy claim and we wouldn’t have to take Springfield Armory’s word for it.

The two new Springfield XDm-10s differ in barrel length and in a few minor but important details. There’s an adjustable rear sight and extra notch in the front slide serrations in the 5.25-inch barrel model, along with a curiously large “cut” on the top of the slide; the fiber-optic sight on the longer-barreled model is also slightly longer than the one on its shorter sibling. The shorter 4.5-inch barreled model features a simpler rear sight (

Apart from the same 15+1 ammo capacity, both pistols offer interchangeable backstraps to fit a variety of hand sizes (

A picture of the XDm-10, the rounds and the steel target that went through Springfield Armory’s 10,000-round “torture test” (

Apart from the usual interchangeable backstraps and ammo capacity, both models share a number of important features, such as a steel hammer-forged barrel with a 1:16 RH twist in Melonite finish, a slide that’s also in the same material and finish as the barrel, and a recoil system that uses a one-piece, full-length guide rod. You can see a side-by-side comparison and specs of the pistols below:

Screenshot from the Springfield Armory website, showing a comparison of specs of the two new XDm-10 pistols (

Given how these pistols are the latest addition to the Springfield XD line, it’s probably safe to say that it’ll be just a matter of time for the XDm-10 to prove that it is indeed a “10”.