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It’s probably that time of year when many US military and police units choose to update or upgrade their kit. The latest law enforcement organization to switch up their duty pistol is the Tampa Police Department. Since 2009, members of Tampa PD has used the Smith & Wesson Military & Police pistol chambered in .40SW, but will now adopt the SIG Sauer P320 as their service firearm. This shouldn’t be too jarring a transition for their members, as the department has used Glocks and SIG Sauer pistols before.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the SIG Sauer P320 is also the US Army’s new sidearm. Pictured here are the possible configurations for the pistol; Tampa PD has yet to announce which configurations and in which caliber they’ll adopt the SIG Sauer P320 in (


In a SIG Sauer press release, the company’s EVP for Law Enforcement Sales Tom Jankiewicz had this to say: “SIG SAUER is honored to earn the trust of the men and women of the Tampa Police Department through their selection of the P320 pistol as their official duty pistol… “The modularity of the P320, with its ability to select grip size, combined with the proven reliability, accuracy, and safety of the firearm made it the right choice for this diverse group of officers.”

The Smith & Wesson M&P in .40SW was Tampa PD’s service pistol since 2009 (

It’s interesting to note that the SIG Sauer P320 is also the sidearm that recently won the US Army’s search for the new sidearm to replace their aging Beretta M9. The SIG Sauer P320 is a highly modular pistol that adjusts to the needs of the user, whether it be large, medium or small backstraps to accommodate various hand sizes, and caliber conversion capability – the pistol can be chambered in 9mm, .40SW or .357 SIG. As of presstime, It’s not known whether the Tampa PD will restrict their 1,000-strong officers to a single caliber, or allow them to switch among the different calibers, as well as the configurations. Tampa PD is set to acquire a total of 1,320 SIG Sauer P320s in the coming weeks.