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After Tampa PD announced that they would replace their M&P duty pistols in .40SW, two more law enforcement bodies have opted to join the SIG Sauer P320 bandwagon. Arkansas’ Jacksonville Police Department and the Texas Department for Public Safety will soon be issuing SIG Sauer P320s to all of their servicemen. In an announcement dated June 14, SIG Sauer expressed elation at Jacksonville PD’s decision to adopt the SIG Sauer P320. As of this writing, Jacksonville PD has 56 officers in active duty, protecting almost 30,000 citizens in their area. When asked about Jacksonville PD’s reason for adopting the pistol, Lt. Brett Hibbs of JPD’s Support Services Division cited their modularity as a key feature of the pistol that allowed their officers to become “more proficient shooters due to the ability for the officers to choose their preferred grip size, the smooth trigger, and ambidextrous controls.”

Jacksonville PD officers train with the newly-acquired SIG Sauer P320. Jacksonville PD chose this as their new duty pistol mainly due to their modularity and ambidextrous controls (

Tom Jankiewicz, EVP for Law Enforcement Sales, welcomed the move and had this to say: “We are honored that the Jacksonville, Arkansas Police Department has chosen the P320 as the official duty firearm to assist its complement of officers to carry out their mission.” Perhaps Texas heard of Jacksonville PD’s move, or realized the US Army can’t be wrong in adopting the SIG Sauer P320, so recently the Texas Department for Public Safety announced they’ll be switching from the Smith & Wesson M&P. For Texas DPS, they may not have to make too big an adjustment, since the SIG P220 and P226 served as their duty pistols before their use of the M&P. About Texas DPS’ decision, Tom Jankiewicz commented: “We are proud to continue our long-standing relationship with the Texas Department of Public Safety and honored that they have chosen the SIG SAUER P320 as their official service firearm. The modularity and ability to customize the P320 pistol, combined with the ultimate in reliability and accuracy, made it the right choice for the diverse needs, across all divisions, for the Texas Department of Safety.”

The Texas DPS contract is much more substantial than Jacksonville PD’s, and will supply more than 3,000 officers and rangers with the new pistol. Texas DPS will procure 4,000 pistols for these divisions:

  • Texas Highway Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations Division (CID)
  • Texas Aircraft Division
  • Executive Protection Bureau
  • Intelligence & Counterterrorism
  • Texas Rangers
  • SWAT
  • Special Operations Group

A photo of the SIG Sauer P320 sporting the logo and markings of the Texas Highway Patrol which came with SIG Sauer’s press release. It has yet to be confirmed if this is how the new duty pistols will look like (


Just as with the Tampa PD, it’s not known as of this writing which configuration or caliber either Law Enforcement Agency will adopt as their standard issue. After the US Army and at least three state agencies to date chose the SIG P320, which state or agency will be next?